The District Grand Chapter of Kwazulu-Natal
under the Supreme Grand Chapter of England



New Appointments
The ME Grand Superintendent, E Comp Tony Strong has appointed E Comp Derek (Paddy) Roberts as District Second Grand Principal and E Comp Jim Fowkes as District Third Grand Principal. He is also delighted to announce that Grand Rank was awarded to E Comp Justin Thiel and E Comp Andy Stallard

Chapter Installations
The Grand Superintendent requests that all Chapters advise the District timeously if they require any work to be done at their Installation Ceremonies. It is unfair for Officers to arrive at an Installation only to discover that they are required to perform some working when they have not had an opportunity to refresh the minds.

Further, all Chapters are reminded that being elected to any one of the Principal's Chairs is a great honour conferred on you by the members of your Chapter. With this honour comes a responsibility to discharge the duties of that Office zealously and to the best of your ability. Indeed, the last duty attached to the Office of Principal of a Chapter is to install your successor, and consequently, unless there is a very good reason for not doing so, each Principal should perform this important ceremony.



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